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Waste Disposal Site
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Hours of Operation


The WINTER schedule begins the first Thursday or Sunday of October with the following hours of operation.


    Thursdays 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Sundays 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


The SUMMER schedule will begin the first Thursday or Sunday in May with the following hours of operation:


    Thursdays 12:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    Sundays 12:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m

Please do not dump outside the gate. Anyone found dumping outside the landfill site may be charged under The Environmental Protection Act.

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Directions to the Ingram Waste Disposal Site

1. Travel east on Hwy 569 to Shepherd Lake Road.
2. Turn north (left) onto Shepherd Lake Road. This road will eventually curve sharply to the east.
3. Follow Shepherd Lake Road until you reach site # 263334 which is the laneway into the Ingram Waste Disposal Site.

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Acceptable and Non Acceptable Waste

The site is monitored by an attendant. Help keep our communities clean by securing and/or covering your loads of garbage to avoid debris on the roads.

Only residential and commercial solid waste created by the permitted users of the site will be accepted at the waste disposal site, provided it is solid and non-hazardous and non-toxic in nature. All solid waste shall be disposed of in the trench, except scrap metal, household appliances, and tires which must be separated and stockpiled at selected locations on the site. All indiscriminate and unauthorized scavenging and salvaging is prohibited. The decision of the Road Superintendent or Site Attendant as to whether waste is acceptable or non-acceptable is final and the general public must comply with that decision.

The disposal of acceptable solid waste must comply with the following conditions:

    a) Refrigerated appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning units, etc., must be certified by an appropriately licensed technician to be free of Freon.
    b) Fill and aggregates must be clean and free of other materials.
    c) All wire must be rolled up in a neat manner with all fence posts, rails or stakes removed.
    d) Fence posts must have all wire removed.
    e) All waste containing loose papers should be bagged or bundled and tied.
    f) All Waste shall be deposited in the appropriate designated area.
    g) Stove ashes are only permitted in the specified area. Arson is a criminal offence and this site does not permit burning.

Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS)

Ontario residents can now drop off their used tires free of charge at all OTS registered collection sites. The Ingram Waste Disposal Site is a registered collection site.
Please inform the waste site attendant of the number of tires submitted and place in the designated area. All rims must be removed before the tire will be accepted.

For further information on the Ontario Tire Stewardship Program, visit

The following items shall not be accepted at the Ingram Waste Disposal Site:

    a) Paint thinners, solvents, oils.
    b) Paints or cans containing paints unless solid.
    c) Dead animals, animal waste, eggs.
    d) Motor vehicle batteries.
    e) Herbicide and pesticide containers.
    f) Septic tank effluent.
    g) Refrigerated appliances that are not certified by an appropriately licensed technician as being free of Freon.
    h) Urea formaldehyde foam insulation.
    i) Material from toxic waste spill clean ups.
    j) Biomedical waste.
    k) Weed seeds.
    l) Industrial waste.
    m) Any hazardous or toxic waste.

RECYCLE YOUR ELECTRONICS – new to the Ingram Waste Disposal Site
Recycle your used & unwanted electronics here for free! Just be sure to wipe your hard drives clean. Acceptable items:

  • Monitors & Televisions
  • Printing & Copying devices
  • Computers & Periherals
  • Telephone & Answering Machines
  • Cellular Devices & pagers
  • Home Theatre Equipment such as equalizers, amps, speakers
  • Image and Audio and Video devices

    recyclebatteries Ever wonder what to do with old single use batteries? Bring them to the municipal office in a zip lock bag and we will divert them from our landfill.

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    Permit & Tipping Fees

    Permit fees for non-residents of the Township of Evanturel are subject to an annual permit fee renewable each January. Addition tipping fees will be levied at the gate for waste building material waste including cement foundations and shingles as well as farmers’ plastic, etc. on the following basis:

    Volume Tipping fee
    *Contaminated Waste $40.00 per cubic yard
    *excavated soils containing organic or hydrocarbon contaminates at a level that is acceptable to the Ministry of the Environment
    ˝ ton pick-up $10.00
    ˝ ton pick-up with trailer $20.00
    Single axle dump $20.00
    Tandem dump $75.00
    Tri-axle dump $100.00
    Gate Opening Fee $50.00
    Non-Resident Permit Fee (2017) $80.00

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    Waste Collection
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    The Municipality offers a waste collection service to its residents as an optional user pay service. Service includes curbside pick-up of properly secured, “household” waste and curbside recycling collection.
    For further information on this service please contact the municipal office.

    Special rates would be negotiated for any service not in these categories.

    For further information on this service please contact the municipal office.

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    2019 Curbside Collection Schedule

    Two recycling systems are available to residents. Curbside collection is bundled along with waste collection on alternating weeks. This service is a user pay service. Please contact the Municipal Office for further details and pricing. Alternately a recycling depot is located at Ingram Waste Disposal Site & Recycling Depot - 263334 Shepherd Lake Road.

    Acceptable Items include:

      Beverage & Food Containers

    • All plastics No. 1-7
    • Plastic bags and plastic wrap, milk bags, bread bags, etc.
    • Fruit and vegetable containers
    • Glass bottles and jars
    • Aluminum cans, trays, pie plates, etc.
    • Coffee cups and lids
    • Disposable Styrofoam or plastic plates and glasses and Take-out food containers (Clean)
    • Cardboard cans (frozen juice, nuts, etc.)
    • Drinking boxes, juice and milk cartons

      Home & Cleaning Products

    • Plastic bottles (lids and nozzles on)
    • Other large plastic tubs such as kitty litter tubs, pails, etc.
    • Empty aerosol cans
    • Small electronics
    • Paint cans (empty and dry with lids removed)

      Paper & Cardboard

    • Newspaper, Cardboard, Magazines, Telephone Books, Catalogues, other glossy paper, etc.
    • Pamphlets/junk mail, Cereal boxes, Writing and computer paper, envelopes
    • Giftwrap, cards, shredded paper (in a clear plastic bag)

    Please breakdown cardboard boxes
    Remember to remove lids, empty food and liquids from all containers and rinse clean.

    Not Acceptable for Recycling:

  • Organic material (food scraps)
  • Used or soiled items
  • Diapers
  • Medical waste (needles)
  • Hazardous waste (propane tanks, batteries, etc.)
  • Toys
  • Tires
  • Wood
  • Metal (pots, pans)

    Let’s all do our part….

    Establish a recycling program at home and at work
    Visit the recycling depot often
    Avoid purchasing over packaged products
    Never throw recyclables in the landfill
    Tell others about recycling and waste diversion
    Use a refillable mug or glass
    Reduce, reuse, recycle
    Escape waste – buy in bulk
    Let someone benefit from gently used clothing and goods – donate to charity

    Rechargeable instead of disposable batteries
    Eliminate the purchase of disposable products when possible
    Consider packing lunches in reusable containers
    You can make a difference!
    Lend support to local recycling programs
    Earn extra cash – have a yard sale
    Shop using only cloth or paper bags

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