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The Corporation of the  Township of Evanturel
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Municipal Services

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The Corporation of the Township of Evanturel has fire protection provided by the Englehart and Area Fire Department. The fire department has a volunteer complement of 26 trained members.

Fire Season
Fire season is April 1 to October 31 each year. During this time should you wish to conduct open air burning, you may require a permit. Permits are provided at the Municipal Office, free of charge. Please refer to the Open Air Burning By-law No. 98-10 or contact the Municipal Office to determine if you require a permit.

Fire Programs & Resources

Smoke Alarm Program
Fire statistics show that having a working smoke alarm in the home will increase the chances of surviving a fire in the home.

Homeowners are responsible to install and maintain smoke alarms on every storey of their home and outside sleeping areas. The Township of Evanturel offers a smoke alarm program to ensure safety of its residents. Smoke alarm and battery vouchers are available upon request free of charge. For further information contact the municipal office.

For more fire safety information please visit the Website of the Office of the Fire Marshal

Other Fire Programs & Resources:

Ministry of Natural Resources Fire Programs:

  • Be Fire Smart a homeowner manual to firesmart your rural property to protect it from wildfire.
  • Tips for safe campfires
  • Crop Residue Management the laws and outdoor fire information on how to reduce the impact of leftover plant material on crops.

For details on these programs please visit the following link:

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Emergency Planning & Preparedness


Emergencies and disasters can happen at any time. Utilities can be out, roads closed, and crucial supplies unavailable. While local, provincial and federal officials prepare for emergencies, individuals can plan to be prepared at home and at work. For information on how to get your family prepared, visit

To view the Joint Emergency Plan for the Township of Evanturel click here

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The Corporation of the  Township of Evanturel